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An encounter is underway at DPS Srinagar, Kashmir, as security forces are attempting to flush out holed up in the school.

According to a Times Now flash, two soldiers have been injured in the ongoing encounter.


Appropriately it was on April Fools’ Day that Matthew and Natalie Hogg boarded their Iberia flight to Cuba via Madrid for their honeymoon. What should’ve been a 15-hour journey ended up taking the newlyweds more than two days, their wedding night spent on an airport bench thanks to a barrage of mishaps and errors.


I made an international transfer of £792 in euros to a friend using the Barclays Pingit mobile payment service on 18 May.

I had previously made a successful payment to the same friend using the same account details and for a similar amount.


Prime Minister Modi was today greeted by a group of people from the Indian community who were waiting for him outside a high-security hotel here where he is staying.

Modi arrived in the capital for his first bilateral meeting withA small group of people from the Indian community were waiting outside Willard InterContinental to catch a glimpse of the Indian prime minister.As Modi's motorcade arrived at the hotel, he got out of his vehicle and walked up to the group of people, waving his hand.The Indian community members burst into loud cheers and chanted "Modi-Modi" as Modi walked up to them.During his three-day visit, Prime Minister Modi will also interact with about 20 leading followed by an Indian- community event in DC suburb of Virginia.The programme is likely to be attended by about 600 members of the community.Trump will host Modi at the on Monday afternoon and the two leaders would spend about five hours together in various settings beginning with their bilateral discussion, delegation level talks, a reception and a working dinner, the first of its kind hosted by this administration.


In the last month, for the first time since the civil war in Syria began in 2011, the United States has directly attacked Syrian government forces or proxies — not just once, but at least four times. That would mark a massive escalation, and potentially the first direct great-power conflict in recent memory.


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court enters its final week of work before a long summer hiatus with action expected on the Trump administration's travel ban and a decision due in a separation of church and state case that arises from a Missouri church playground. Eric Greitens so that churches may now apply for the money.


Wildfire season is just getting underway, but the recent heatwave, dry conditions and abundant growth of grasses from heavy winter rains is already spelling danger for California.

The wet winter means there's abundant grass growth along hillsides that adds to the wildfire risk.


With President Trump's announcement to pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement, many other countries around the world — and cities and states within the US — are stepping up their commitments to address climate change. As we have shown in an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, within the next 10 years, simple household energy efforts in the United States could reduce annual emissions reductions by more than 450 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is much more than the total emissions by the host country for the Paris Agreement — France.


Why America loses wars it starts [0.04]

Posted on June 24, 2017, 11:35 p.m. by Feedburner @ [source]

Since the end of World War II, why has America lost the wars it started? Vietnam, the invasion of Grenada, the Beirut bombings in Lebanon that killed over 240 American servicemen in October 1983, the second Iraq War that began in 2003, the Libyan intervention of 2011, and now Syria are case studies in failure.


CARACAS Portugal is investigating alleged appropriation of funds belonging to Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA [PDVSA.UL] that were channeled through now-defunct Portuguese bank Banco Espirito Santo between 2009 and 2014, PDVSA said on Saturday.

The company said it will soon provide details on efforts to seek civil and criminal measures in jurisdictions where it has "identified assets of persons involved in corruption," and said it would carry out "legal actions" in Portugal.


As we report today, research by Shelter shows that by 2020 more than a million households are likely to find that their housing benefit doesn’t cover the rent they pay to private landlords.

Rents are high because housing is scarce and property values high, and because millions excluded from both owning homes and living in social housing have nowhere to go but the private rental sector.


Women working in Cambodian factories supplying some of the world’s best-known sportswear brands are suffering from repeated mass faintings linked to conditions.

The women who collapsed worked 10 hour days, six days a week and reported feeling exhausted and hungry.


When four Sainsbury’s executives met farmers from some of Africa’s biggest tea-growing co-operatives in a hotel in Nairobi last month it should have been a mutual celebration of Fairtrade, the gold standard of ethical trading and the world’s most trusted and best-known food certification scheme. Officially it is a pilot but the suspicion is that Sainsbury’s will then roll out the new standard across other products including bananas and coffee.


FRANKFURT German luxury carmaker Audi's (NSUG.DE) management board, including Chief Executive Rupert Stadler, has been sharply criticised by company managers, Bild am Sonntag reported on Sunday, citing an internal dossier.

Munich prosecutors have been investigating Audi on suspicion of fraud and criminal advertising in the United States, where the Volkswagen scandal broke in September 2015.


President Donald Trump unleashed a tweetstorm on Saturday once again slamming former president Barack Obama for his apparent inaction when he learned Russia was meddling in the 2016 US election.

In the weeks following Comey's abrupt removal, a series of developments raised further questions about the president's and his associates' dealings with Russia.


LONDON — Britain's fire-safety crisis expanded substantially Saturday as authorities said 34 high-rise apartment blocks across the country had cladding that failed fire safety tests.

Camden Council leader Georgia Gould said it decided to evacuate four blocks in north London's Chalcots Estate late Friday after fire inspectors uncovered problems with "gas insulation and door stops," which, combined with the presence of flammable cladding encasing the buildings, meant residents had to leave immediately.


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The Israeli Defense Forces released video on Saturday purporting to show its jets taking out a Syrian heavy machine gun and two tanks after mortar fire hit parts of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Israel said it responded with airstrikes on the position the mortars came from and took out two Syrian army tanks, including one as it was preparing to fire.